Teepa's Feather

Many people view the Peacock as a showy bird and one that is preening, but in fact the peacock is a guardian and protector for all within a domain. Peacocks have been used as watchful defenders of what is important for centuries. The peacock at rest looks like nothing special. However, when roused, allows others to see a full array of colors presenting a high profile to help others recognize that causing harm within that space is not permitted.

When it comes to providing support and care for someone who is living with a changing brain, Teepa is firmly committed to helping all see that it is NOT ok to take over, to demand compliance, to ignore dangerous situations, to use habits that are no longer effective, or to allow an agenda to come between those who care for one another. The Positive Approach® feather serves as a symbol of just right care. The beautiful peacock feather is ever-changing in its appearance, just as a brain affected by dementia can change from one instant to the next.

In many cultures, the Peacock represents admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors. Teepa believes the path of dementia exposes the true colors of everyone involved.

Avid lovers of folk art, Teepa and her husband Dick Snow ventured forth in the creation of their own personal Peacock. The body of the Peacock was created from downed dogwood trees and the feathers were formed from cedar tree discs, hand-painted and strung on clear cord across a wire frame connected to the body welded in Dick’s blacksmith shop. This beautiful work was the inspiration for her company logo and sits at the entrance of the woodland drive to their home in Efland, North Carolina.

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