Senior Helpers 2012-13 Tour

Care Manager

Nurse Practitioner

Senior Care Community Administrator

George W. Skitch MacKenzie - August 2013 

Wisconson Health Care Association Skilled Nursing/Assisted Living

"Don't wait! Book with Teepa Snow ASAP. Teepa recently presented dementia workshops to nearly 800 caregivers here in Wisconsin. Her ability to reach an audience is as good as any speaker I have ever had in my thirty years as a meeting planner. Along with that, her knowledge of how to care for dementia residents is the best I have ever experienced."

Penny Lyon - September 2014

Family Advocate

"My life was recently changed when an Administrator of a local Special Care Unit mentioned Teepa Snow to me. My family has been struggling with Dementia since the mid 1980s. First my Dad's Mom, then my Mom's Mom and now my Mom. I also see the beginnings of the disease in my Dad. I had never heard Teepa's name before, even though I had done countless searches on Google and had asked every medical professional I came in contact with where I could go to learn more. Needless to say the YouTube videos I watched of Teepa's training was like someone turning on the light when I had been in darkness for years. I thought my prior experience with the disease had taught me 'what I needed to know'.....sadly I was very wrong. I tell you my story because I want you to understand the sincerity of this email. I want to spread the word of Teepa's Positive Approach® to local hospitals, nursing homes, EMS, and support groups, etc. I cannot change the outcome of the disease for my Mom - but I could have made the first part of her journey much better. If I can help someone else be a voice for their loved one - I want to do that by sharing Teepa's training."

Kathy Hoeck Henke - July 21, 2014

"Hi Teepa, my good friend Candy Barth from NTC Wausau said I should tell you this story. Shortly after attending the Geriatric conference on June 11th, and hearing your program, I had an opportunity to put some principles to the test. I was assigned an elderly man with early dementia. He was in 4 points, a posey and had a sitter. When I first came in his room there were several CNAs trying to get him washed up and enjoying the heck out of his pinches, scratches and attempts to bite. They were comparing injuries and being completely inappropriate. I walked in, told them to stop, and for all but the CNA who was assigned to care for him, to leave. I informed the CNA that our new approach was that only 1-2 people at a time were allowed. We were not going to talk except brief words to let him know what we needed to do. If he resisted, we would stop and try later. We used gestures instead. When his daughter arrived I told her what my plan was for the day. She told me that just a couple weeks before, he had been living at home (his daughters took turns assisting him) and had been pretty active and cooperative. But he was requiring more care and was about to move into an assisted living - stressor. I also wondered if some acute illness was contributing. I looked through his chart for signs of infection or other problems. A culture had been done on a wound 1 1/2 weeks earlier. It grew staph, but had not been relayed to anyone for follow up. With our new techniques we were able to remove restraints by the end of my 12 hour shift. He was started on antibiotics and his daughters were making plans to stay with him in the assisted living for a bit once he was discharged from the hospital to help the adjustment. It felt wonderful to have some knowledge that had such an impact on this man and his family. Psychiatry had been there and was about to load him up. What a shame that would have been since the real problem was that he was sick, anxious about all the change in his life, and WE were scaring the daylights out of him. Anyway, thank you for all you do. I am looking into finding a certification that would allow me to bring your information to the people too."

Robyn Pearce -September 2014 Posted on Facebook Page 

"Hi Teepa, I wish that you traveled overseas. I am a trainer/EN in Australia. I facilitate students studying Aged Care, Home and Community Care, and Leisure and Health. I have shown them some of your YouTube clips and they all love you!! As a Caregiver myself you have given me new tools to become a 'Care Partner' with my Mum, and as a teacher, new insights regarding Dementia Care and teaching. I shall be getting some of your DVDs. Thank you sooooooo much, and take care - Robyn P - Country North East Victoria, Australia."

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