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Lewy Body Dementia DVD Released By Pines Education Institute and Teepa Snow

Sarasota, Florida – July 29, 2013 Pines Education Institute of Southwest Florida and nationally renowned dementia expert Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA, announce the release of a Lewy Body Dementia Caregiving DVD.

Lewy Body Dementia is the second most prevalent form of dementia after Alzheimer’s, yet it is missed as a diagnosis in over 50% of cases. The program, titled “Lewy Body Dementia: It Isn’t Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s – What Everyone Needs to Know”, educates caregivers about the intricacies of this particularly challenging type of dementia and provides hands-on tips and techniques to positively affect a patient’s life.

“Physicians are often not aware of this fairly common type of dementia, but misdiagnosis can be potentially fatal as patients with Lewy Body Dementia can have severe reactions to commonly prescribed anti-psychotic medications. Educating the public and caregivers is vital to protecting those affected,” Mrs. JoAnn Westbrook, Director of Education at Pines, explains.

For more information and video excerpts please visit Pines of Sarasota.

Improving Antipsychotic Appropriateness in Dementia Patients

We wanted to share a website with you that may be of  interest to people who are interested in seeing behavior as a way of communicating need and using skills that remain, rather than a ‘problem’ to be medicated.

The IA-ADAPT website contains very useful information. This website does require registration, but they have some things for every level of skill and interest.