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January 2016

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Powerful Words; "I'm Sorry"

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Powerful Words; "I'm Sorry"

When you realize the words you’ve spoken are hurtful or upsetting, how do you respond? Stop, back off, think it through, then re-approach and start with “I’m sorry”. The most powerful way to engage is to recognize when you’ve made a mistake and acknowledge it.

  • I’m sorry. I was trying to help.
  • I’m sorry I made you angry.
  • I’m sorry. You’re right. I had no right to treat you like a child.
  • I’m sorry that happened. That shouldn’t have happened. Let me see what I can do.
  • I’m sorry. This is hard. I hate it for you.

Repeating or reflecting their words with emotion, LISTENING for added information or thoughts, EXPLORING the new information by watching and listening, and OBSERVING their face, posture, movement and gestures help you connect the dots and respond in a meaningful, supportive way. Look for the NEED under the words or actions.

It is important to partner and work with a person when they are behaving in a way that surprises us.  In order to be successful in changing behavior, it will be about how we respond to what is happening, and what we choose to do that will make the difference. 

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