Teepa’s GEMS®

There are several progression models used to classify and define changes in a person due to the effects of dementia. Teepa wanted to improve upon existing models and intends for the GEMS® to be utilized not just to classify a state or stage of dementia, but as a means to improve interaction and appreciation of individuals. The GEMS® characteristics focus on ability instead of loss and are an invaluable tool to assist with changing abilities that impact relationship and expectations. Learn more about what it means to be living in the world with Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Amber, Ruby or Pearl cognitive and physical ability. Teepa believes all individuals, whatever their state of being, in the right setting and with the right care, can shine!

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Positive Approach to Care

Teepa Snow’s philosophy and education is reflective of her life-long journey professionally caring for and personally living with various forms of dementia. This person-centered approach evolved to meet the complex and unique needs of individuals using effective and structured technique. Teepa and her company strive to grow appreciation of differences that will lead to better care and support of those living with changing abilities.