Meaningful Activities

Meaningful days matter to all people. This need does not change for someone who is living with dementia. There are four categories of activity that help human beings feel valued, productive and purposeful. #1 Work. This is a very important life experience that gives a person the sense they are making a difference. It is not about money, but that we experience who we are and what we can do as being of value to others.  This is critical in creating a sense of wellbeing and continued self-esteem. #2 Leisure: These are things we do because there are fun to us, make us feel good, or give us joy. These activities can be either passive or active, but will always improve a person’s mood and energy levels. #3 Self Care: Taking care of ourselves includes the big and the little things in our personal "world of needs" and include tasks and attention to our body, our mind, our environment, our business, and even how we move ourselves from place to place. #4 Rest & Restoration: This, is one that we don’t often think of as activity, but is a part of how we fill our day, and especially important to be aware of when someone is experiencing brain change. Rest includes sleep but also “time” taken, alone or with others, that helps a person to “recharge or restore” themselves.  Restorative activity usually includes spiritual renewal, and introverted or extraverted personality preferences.

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Positive Approach to Care

Teepa Snow’s philosophy and education is reflective of her life-long journey professionally caring for and personally living with various forms of dementia. This person-centered approach evolved to meet the complex and unique needs of individuals using effective and structured technique. Teepa and her company strive to grow appreciation of differences that will lead to better care and support of those living with changing abilities.