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Learn More about Living with Dementia in these Video Tips from Teepa 

Hi! I'm Teepa Snow. I'm a dementia-care education specialist with a background in occupational therapy and over 30 years in clinical practice. I've worked in a variety of settings, with a variety of people, and would say I have learned a lot. I do a special kind of experiential training called multi-modal learning. I help people go from what they think they know about dementia to greater awareness. I help build knowledge (the why and the how) behind why people with dementia, or other forms of brain change, are doing what they are doing. Also, I help build skill because, if you are going to make a difference, you've got to change. The condition is changing them. The question is, what are you going to do about it? You are on the journey. Take a look, and then try some of the tips I have provided because you can be the big difference. Not in where you end up, but in how you get there.

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Positive Approach to Care

Teepa Snow’s philosophy and education is reflective of her life-long journey professionally caring for and personally living with various forms of dementia. This person-centered approach evolved to meet the complex and unique needs of individuals using effective and structured technique. Teepa and her company strive to grow appreciation of differences that will lead to better care and support of those living with changing abilities.