MedBridge PT/OT CEUs

MedBridge believes education is the most powerful way to improve lives. MedBridge provides clinicians a comprehensive education platform to continue their education, engage patients, and improve outcomes with evidence-based online curriculum, home exercise programs, and patient education tools - all included in one annual subscription. Get unlimited access to:

Continuing Education:

Growing library of 600+ accredited courses taught by industry-leading professionals, featuring motion graphics, 3D models, and live patient demos

Patient Education:

Customizable for all levels of health literacy, featuring 3D models and animated videos explaining common conditions

Home Exercise Programs:

Choose from thousands of exercises for easy-to-build HEPs, helping your patients get better, faster

"This afternoon I took Teepa’s course on communicating with someone with dementia. I was extremely moved by her information and presentation. Her course opened my mind and makes me want to work with patients with dementia.” — Sharon Lieser

Positive Approach is pleased to partner with MedBridge to offer the following accredited online courses:

How to Communicate When Someone is Living With Dementia

This session will help learners develop better interaction skills when working with people with Dementia and their families. The goal of this course is to enhance treatment session outcomes and quality of life for those living life with some form of Dementia within their support systems. Learn More

Working with Dementia: Understanding Changes in Movement and Sensation

There are many changes in behavior, communication, and interactive ability that take place when someone is living with Dementia. Behaviors observed may appear strange, unusual, dangerous, or frustrating to others. This course is designed to help professionals better understand “why” things they see are happening and “how” behaviors are connected to an individual’s change in sensation, sensory processing...Learn More