PAC Independent Certified Coaches

Congratulations to the following who have
completed the PAC Independent Coach Certification!


Listed in alphabetical order by last name


Peter Abraldes – Philadelphia, PA
Debra Anderson – Canton, OH
Twylia Aultman – Hattiesburg, MS


Dana Nicodemus – Pittsburgh, PA


Diane Ball - Appin, ON
Tiffany Baker - Evansville, IN 
Laurie Bauch - Lockport, NY
Anna Beabout – Pittsburgh, PA
Wanda Beaudoin - Admonton, AB
Stephanie Biros – Batavia, OH
Susan Brennan – Lancaster, PA
Lorinda Britton - Kent, WA
Shara Bundy - Acton, ON
Corrina Burkholder – Ephrata, PA


Rebecca Odom - Newburgh, IN
Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly – Hermitage, TN 



Laura Carey – Woodstock, GA
Kimberly Canterbury – Gainesville, FL
Stephen Catoe – Lockhart, TX
Kelly Cerini – Carmel, NY
Stephenie Cerns-Rach – Milwaukee, WI
Angeline Chandra - Medicine Hat, AB
Maureen Charlton – Manassas, VA
Sarah Cohen – Milwaukee, WI
Christine Cricchio - Mount Vernon, WA


Virginia Payne – Scurry, TX
Kari Peterson - Bellevue, WA
Charleen Phelps - Courtenay, BC
Clarke Pollard – Naples, FL


Kathleen Donegan - Bogota, NJ
Jane Doolette – Jacksonville, FL
Loretta Dow - Stratford, ON
Emily Drane – Madison, WI
Debra Driskell - Barefoot Bay, FL
Edwina Duguay - Sault Ste Marie, ON
Melissa Duley, Brownsville, PA



Debbie Easson – Duncan, BC
Diana Engle - Auburn, CA


Kelly Roloson – Troy, PA
Robin Rosbrugh - Evansville, IN 
Dawn Rozzo – Raleigh, NC


Clarlissa Farless – Cookeville, TN
Daneika Farmer – Cincinnati, OH
Ernest Fritz, Pittsburgh, PA


Ashlyn Sage - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Jane Saunders - Duncan, BC
Kenneth Schmigel – McMurray, PA
Amy Scott – Madison, AL
Katherine Seibel – Decker, IN
Darcy Shenfield - Carvel, AB
Ramona Sirbu - Kitchener, ON
Cathey Sloane - Fort Atkinson, WI
Janine Solano - New York, NY
Sister Perpetua Stang – Nashville, TN
Ann Stansell - Aylmer, ON
Lesley Stedmon - Nanaimo, BC
Maureen Stiner - Dartmouth, NS
Tammy Straw - Petersburg, IN 
Deborah Susswein - Palm Coast, FL
Margaret Sweatman - Toronto, ON


Nelly Garcia – Addison, TX
Ashley Gentile - Raleigh, NC
Kim Gerloff – Castroville, TX
Jessica Gingerich - Stratford, ON
Maura Govin – Milwaukee, WI
Valerie Graber - East Wenatchee, WA
Dawn Green - Princeton, IN
Tawana Green-Baxter – Philadelphia, PA
Deborah Gunnarsen - Duncan, BC


Beth Tesfay - Lititz, PA 
Maxine Thomas – Duquesne, PA
Dierdre Thornton - Etobicoke, ON
Jessica Todd - Yorba Linda, CA


Sandy Haines - Hilton Head Island, SC
Molly Hendricks – Milwaukee, WI



Shelley Iberg - Nanaimo, BC
Melissa Ivey – Hickory, NC


Shona Van Eeuwen - Duncan, BC
Amy Van Kleeck – Sebring, FL
Rachel Voelkers - Ponca City, OK


Heather Jackson – Waterloo, ON
Sharon Jackson - Ayr, ON
Linda Johnson – Knoxville, TN
Amy Jones - Fort Wayne, IN
James Juristy - North Versailles, PA


Janice Wade-Whitehead – Knoxville, TN
Debra Waelde - Evansville, IN 
Karen Wall - Fremont, CA
Stacy Weisling - Mt. Vernon, IN 
Joy Wegand – Temple, GA
Arlana Wilde – Arden, NC
Elise Willson – Parksville, BC
Donna K. Woodward – Havertown, PA


Elizabeth Kaufman – Seattle, WA
Amanda Kemper, Ferdinand, IN 
Sharon Kilpatrick – Apex, NC
Vivian Kingdon - Nelson, BC
Jessica Kistler – Ephrata, PA
Hartini Kumar - Thornhill, ON
Marion Kyner – Farmville, VA



Stephanie Landmann – Wilmington, NC
Lindsey Lewis - Hattiesburg, MS
Susan Long – Monroeville, PA
Norrie Loomis - Cincinnati, OH
Carolyn Lukert – Alachua, FL


Deanna Yandre - Lake Mills, WI
Tricia Yates – Carmi, IL


Debra Mammel - San Antonio, TX
Suzanne McElroy – Louisville, KT
Maria Menounos – Kitchener, Ontario, CA
Brenda Moore – Raleigh, NC


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Positive Approach to Care

Teepa Snow’s philosophy and education is reflective of her life-long journey professionally caring for and personally living with various forms of dementia. This person-centered approach evolved to meet the complex and unique needs of individuals using effective and structured technique. Teepa and her company strive to grow appreciation of differences that will lead to better care and support of those living with changing abilities.