Webinar: Dementia and the LGBT Community (for Professionals)

COST:  $20.00 / START TIME:  4:30p EDT

This program was designed for professionals who support people living with dementia.

What is the impact of being a member of the LGBT community and having dementia? What about being a member of the LGBT community and providing support and service to people with dementia who are not in that community? What happens if advance planning is not undertaken before competence is questioned? This session will begin the conversation on these topics.


  1. Review common concerns and issues related to living with dementia and being a member of the LGBT community throughout the progression of the condition
  2. Discuss selected issues that can arise when someone from the LGBT community is providing support or assistance to non-members of that community
  3. Compare inadequate and proficient advance planning when living with dementia and having multiple stakeholders potentially involved.

Positive Approach now offers live webinar events for professionals who are supporting people living with dementia.  These interactive events will focus on a specific topic and include open discussions with the group. 

Cost per session is $20.00.  Participants must register to attend.  Registration is limited.  Registration for the live events includes access to the recording of the webinar. Recordings will be released within a week of the live event. 


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If you have questions or if you don’t see the topic you want to discuss and explore, please contact Corrie Phillips.

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