Live Webinar with Teepa Snow

Reframing the Challenge of Living with Dementia by Exploring the Six Pieces of the Puzzle: Working to Create a Dementia Competent Community

This event will run from 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

As organizations and communities seek to develop Dementia Friendly programs and designations, it is vital to determine what is Friendly for someone living with dementia.

  • Is it an offer of help OR is it an opportunity to be helpful and mutually benefit from the relationship and interaction?
  • Is it focusing on noticing when someone is impaired or is it routinely using skills and abilities so that a person does not require a label in order to receive support?
  • Is it designed just for elders or for those who are living with neurodegeneration regardless of age or other health conditions?

This session will explore the critical areas of knowledge and skills that enable communities and agencies to include those living with dementia and offer accommodations and supportive services and programs that promote quality of life for all involved. Training for public service agencies, businesses, and community providers is a significant part of the plan and change that promote inclusion and competent support.

Objectives: By the end of this session learners will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between dementia friendly and competent communities
  • Discuss common knowledge and skills that enable public service personnel, business employees, and community providers to provide services and options to people living with dementia that are effective and acceptable
  • Identify possible first steps in guiding and assisting a community in becoming competent using basic PAC training and coaching.

Length:            2 hrs including breakouts and Q & A at end of the program

Cost:  $20.00 (includes access to the recording and a downloadable copy of the presentation slides.)

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