NEW Education Kits!

Positive Approach to Care is happy to provide you with tools to improve dementia care and meet the education requirements for your staff.

This Education Kit includes the following:
  • An introductory video to Teepa and the Positive Approach® to Care
  • Access to Teepa Snow video content:
    • PAC Skills Make the Differnce
    • Dementia Care Provision
    • Becoming Dementia Aware
  • Assessments (PDF)
  • Answer key for assessments (PDF will be emailed to the administrator)
  • Certificate of Completion in (PDF will be emailed to the administrator)
  • License to use the video content for your organization for one (1) year; renewal licenses will be granted upon payment of yearly license fee. Licensing renewal fee is based upon the number of users and will be determined at the time of renewal.
  • Bonus material included in each package

Using this Educational Video Kit will increase staff awareness on how much our approach and interactions impact those persons living with dementia. It is important to understand that dementia is not a choice, and can affect a person’s ability to function “normally.” As Care partners, we are the ones who can adapt what we do to be more effective. There is an elegant simplicity to the techniques used by Positive Approach ® to Care and these techniques can be used by any staff person, volunteer, or family member. We hope that the resources in this kit will be a practical starting point in helping staff become more aware that they can make a significant difference with some simple changes to the way they have traditionally done things. Please check back with us for additional products and services to meet your needs as you grow your dementia care skills!

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Positive Approach to Care

Teepa Snow’s philosophy and education is reflective of her life-long journey professionally caring for and personally living with various forms of dementia. This person-centered approach evolved to meet the complex and unique needs of individuals using effective and structured technique. Teepa and her company strive to grow appreciation of differences that will lead to better care and support of those living with changing abilities.