Education Day: Kingston, ON

Teepa Snow presents:

“Helping When Someone Has Young Onset Dementia: Specialized Needs & Programming”
“How the Environment Affects Behaviour”

Registration: 8:30 -9:00am

Introductions 9-9:05am (Stacy to do)

Session 1-       9:05-10:00

Break              10-10:30am

Session 1        10:30-11:45am

Lunch and networking 11:45-1:00 pm

Session 2        1:00pm- 1:45 pm

Break              1:45 pm- 2:15 pm

Session 2        2:15pm – 3:30p

Advanced registration required.  Please email or call 613-544-3078

Teepa Snow is an occupational therapist with 40 years of rich and varied clinical and academic experience. She presents with extraordinary expertise and humor to audiences large and small throughout the world. Her company, Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) provides on-line and in-person services, training, and products to professionals, family members, the lay public, and people living with brain changes internationally. Her GEMS® State Model for understanding progression and change in ability, combined with her PAC™ Skills, form practical and effective strategies and techniques for individuals and agencies seeking to optimize care and support for those living with dementia and their care partners. These user-friendly approaches provide guidance and leadership to national efforts to promote best practices. PAC is collaboratively working to change the culture of dementia care, one mind at a time in over 30 countries worldwide. 

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